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A Brief look into Paul's life ........

Paul was 20-year old Pre-med student who was killed in a fatal car accident on June 23, 2000. His life exemplified Christ's love. The following is a brief introduction to what Paul was all about. 

Four months prior to his departure Paul wrote in his autobiography for an essay for a University Medical School. Here is a brief look into that essay:

"Thank you God for giving me another day to live. With this prayer I begin each day, as I go through life's ebbs and flows as a 2nd year Pre-Med student, a sunday school teacher, a brother, and a son. 

Life is truly a gift in my eyes, and I have a deeper appreciation of it than some. When I was born, a medical physician, after doing some tests on me, told my parents that I would grow up to be mentally challenged. Some might say that the doctor made a mistake. How ever, I claim that I am a living miracle. 

To me, the most important aspect of my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior (I do apologize if this offends you, but I try to be truthful).

When I die, I want to be known as one who tried to follow God in everything. All other earthly accomplishments pale in comparison to this.......